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Risk Management

The complexity of business transactions, advances in technology, globalization, and increased regulations continue to be part of our emergent economy. In executing their oversight responsibilities organizations must find methods to effectively manage risk while simultaneously driving the success of strategic goals and objectives. Risk management responsibilities are changing and a holistic approach to managing risks on an enterprise-wide basis is needed.

On Time Audit specializes in providing risk management framework development services using a propriety approach developed through our 20 years of practical experience leveraging best practices. We help our clients design and implement risk management frameworks that result in a deliberate risk strategy and a culture of compliance. We can help you:

  • Identify information on the internal/external environment that influences the perception of risk
  • Define a risk appetite/profile based upon tolerance levels aligned with the achievement of strategic goals and objectives
  • Design a process for risk identification and assessment inclusive of analysis and evaluation methods using measurement criteria
  • Design processes for responding to risks inclusive of the development and implementation of controls that modify them
  • Design processes for the effective communication and monitoring of risk management activities inclusive of metrics

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